our land

our land

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tender signed & Pre-Approval received

Well 2 weeks ago we signed the tender & are now waiting for the plans & contract. we also received pre approval from both council & medallist on our set backs. Due to the shape of the block it was impossible to stay with in the set back guidelines.
this is our site plan & the brown outline is were we are hoping to have the fence. as you can see we still have a good amount of open space for our backyard.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finally our tender

yay, we received our first tender today. we still need to sit down & read through it as a few things have been missed & promotions not been added either. othyer than that we are happy with what came back.

now we need council to agree with the siting plan as its not within the set backs due to the shape. they keep changing their minds & can see it is a hard block to work with so fingers crossed.

Friday, September 3, 2010

still waiting....

well its been 7wks now & still no tender! everytime i ask about it i feel i get some excuse & get brushed off... may need to start looking for another design with a different company.

Monday, July 19, 2010

we have made a decision

well after lots of thinking & more thinking we have decided on.... WISDOM MANHATTEN 36 with the avanti facade. Due to the shape of our block we needed to move the rumpus & alfresco to the side & we also moved the upper lounge to the front & made our bedroom a wee bit bigger with double doors. I'll post a copy of the new layout soon. we also signed to get a tender done yesterday (Sunday 18th July) & paid the $700.
so i guess its just sitting back & waiting for a few weeks....

Bel xxx

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

well to start our first post I'll give you a wee info on us. I'm Belinda & my husband is Michael. we have a dog named Missy whom for now is our baby. We live in western Sydney in our wee first house. as we want to start a family soon we thought it was time to upgrade soon. as we were driving home one day, we decided to just have a sticky beak in stonecutters ridge as it was across the road from our house but had no intentions of buying in there. as soon as we drove in Michael said "i have to live here" as he is a big golfer. we went to the sales office, got the price list, looked at the blocks of land & left to go have some lunch. We looked at each other & said "This is it" we rang the sales team & was back on our way there. as my husband is Irish he wanted the strange shape block of land so that's what we got. our next step is to sell our house & find a design for our land. we are deciding between a firstyle home & a wisdom home.