our land

our land

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tender signed & Pre-Approval received

Well 2 weeks ago we signed the tender & are now waiting for the plans & contract. we also received pre approval from both council & medallist on our set backs. Due to the shape of the block it was impossible to stay with in the set back guidelines.
this is our site plan & the brown outline is were we are hoping to have the fence. as you can see we still have a good amount of open space for our backyard.


  1. Hi Guys,

    we just got our first tender back from Wisdom and got hit for an additional 4m2 of concrete for our drive - it looks like yours is even worse than ours however.

    Yay on getting pre-approval on your setbacks - well done!


  2. hi nick,
    Yes ours came back at an extra 12m2 as i think our driveway is almost 9m long. Hubby doesnt mind as he is in to cars & loves all that space, i would have liked to have used that money on other extras lol. what house are you building? do you have a blog?


  3. Hi Belinda,

    No blog yet, we're still in the process of selling our place in Brisbane (nearly done) so might start one up once we get going with a build.

    We're going to build an Impressions 38, and are just at first tender stage, but still have not finalised on the land.


  4. it looking good Belinda ..

    thanks for posting the plans since i was always thinking how it will be placed on the block :)

  5. Looking good Belinda! Look forward to seeing more pics! :)